Types of Trigger Node

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There are four types of triggers, namely Schedule, Recurrent, Custom, and HTTP.

Let's look at each of them:

  1. Schedule: This triggers the workflow at a specific day of the week, at a specific time. You must select all the days of the week, if you want a workflow to start everyday at a specific time. This trigger is suitable for CRON jobs, Ops tasks, DR tasks, periodic auditing tasks, etc.

Example: If you select Monday from the Day’s drop down menu, and 9:10 am from the Time’s drop down menu, your workflow will start every Monday at 9:10 am.

  1. Recurrent: This triggers the workflow at periodic intervals. This trigger is suitable for workflows involving invoking of Lambda functions, Ops , or monitoring tasks.


  • Trigger the workflow every 5 minutes
  • Trigger the workflow every hour
  1. Custom (Coming soon): This triggers the workflow according to a "CRON expression.” With this, you have the flexibility to define your CRON jobs according to your needs. This trigger is suitable for a fine-grained schedule control that Schedule trigger cannot suffice.


  • Start a workflow at 8am on the first Monday of each month during the year 2019. The CRON expression you could use for this is "cron(00 08 ? * 2L 2019)".
  • Start a workflow at 9am every last Friday of the month to shutdown a test env EC2 instance. The CRON expression you could use for this is "cron(00 09 ? * 6L 2019-2025)".
  1. HTTP (Coming soon): This trigger helps initiate a workflow by calling a HTTPs URL. Each workflow has a unique HTTPs endpoint that can be used to trigger the workflow either by calling it Manually or Programmatically".
All time specs are in GMT.

For more usage examples, click here.

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