Release Notes

  1. Feature Changes:
    1. Workflow Editor Changes: The editor underwent a workflow engine upgrade, which allows the creation of extremely complex use-cases in a single workflow. 
      1. Node Referencing - Each node is given an ID, which can be referenced while setting up actions. Every time an action node is configured, a ‘resource to perform the action on’ is selected, which enables you to perform multiple actions on a single or multiple resources.
      2. Resource Referencing - Apart from the basic configurations of the Resource node, where you pick the resource you want to operate on, advanced parameters (‘add ons’) can be used to select additional qualities/attributes of resources. Each attribute is given a resource ID, which means you can perform actions on these attributes also.  
  2. Bug Fixes/ UI Changes 
    1. When you attempt to delete a node on the Workflow Editor, it asks for user permission before proceeding with the action.
    2. Fixed an issue wherein the presence of a ‘report’ node would generate and send a report even if there is no data to present. 
    3. The process of naming a workflow on the Workflow Editor has become easier, as it is now dynamically editable, similar to that of Google Docs
    4. The Action node now looks a little different, to accommodate node referencing. It also allows an input option to edit parameter mapping with a JSON file 

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