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What is a Workflows page?

The Workflows tab provides the detailed list of all executions and active and inactive workflows. There are various functions that can be performed here form filtering workflows to editing them.

Here's a sample image of the Workflows page:

  1. View the list of 'All workflows'
  2. View a workflow's latest and past executions; and their status
  3. Find and manage a specific workflow through the 'Search' bar
  4. View the list of workflows based on filters such as All, Active, Inactive, Failed and Succeeded
  5. Sort the workflows based on name, execution date and creation date.
  6. The 'Options' button allows you to:
    1. Edit a workflow's configurations
    2. View detailed successful and failed executions of each workflow
    3. View permissions policies attached to a workflow
    4. Run the workflow immediately
    5. Stage/deploy a workflow

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