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What’s unique about TotalCloud?

TotalCloud is a web-based AWS Cloud Automation software that lets users to customize their AWS cloud management and optimization efforts using automated visual workflows. Its intuitive and interactive workspace, makes it easier and quicker for users to perform actions and processes without using AWS Management console or CLI.

Who can benefit from TotalCloud?

Cloud Engineers, DevOps Leads, Site Reliability Engineer seeking to save time on cloud tasks, like scheduling machines, scaling-in/scaling-out instances, generating cost reports according to their business needs, common cloud operation tasks, etc.

Which cloud service providers do you support?

Currently, TotalCloud supports Amazon Web Services. We will support Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform soon.

Do you support all AWS services?

Yes. We do support all AWS services.

What kind of actions can I take on AWS using TotalCloud Workflows?

You can perform all actions supported by AWS services.

How quickly can I set up TotalCloud and start using it?

It takes few minutes to set up TotalCloud. You need to sign-up, confirm your email, login and configure IAM roles for us, so we have the permission to read data as well as perform actions on resources residing in your AWS account. Get started with TotalCloud now.

How do I know if a workflow does not execute at some node?

We provide all the active workflows execution status in the main dashboard. Here, you will know if a workflow executed successfully.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign-up for a free trial?

No. You can sign-up for free trial without providing credit card details. The free trial is for 15-days. After which you will be moved t the free plan

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