Enrichment node

Updated 1 week ago by Jayashree Hegde

Enrichment node adds the qualities of another related service to the incoming data, thereby preparing the data for further operations. Multiple enrichment nodes could be added to enrich data with extra qualities.You could add the keys to match from the incoming data in the enrichment mapping.

For example, to filter Lambda functions that have IAM Role created before 7 days, perform the following steps:

  1. Add a resource node with Lambda as service and Functions as resource.
  2. Add an enrichment node with IAM as service and 'Roles' enrichment. The output of this node will contain Lambda resource data enriched with IAM data.
  3. Add a filter node with date filter and set the key as 'addons.Roles.data.CreateDate' and select 'Last 7 days' as time.The output of the filter node will be the desired list of Lambdas.

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