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TotalCloud Glossary

Some of the basic elements of TotalCloud


A workflow is a logical flow of activities in the form of nodes. The workflow executes a set of actions according to the specifications in each node.

Templates are workflow blueprints created by TotalCloud for a variety of usecases. Just adopt them directly and your good to go.

Custom workflows can be created from scratch, in The Editor. You can use the nodes in any order to solve the most complex AWS usecases.


A Node is the basic element of a workflow.

The following are the nodes available for creating workflows:

  1. Trigger Node: Initiates the workflow and decides when it runs
  2. Resource Node: Fetch data on the resources of an AWS service
  3. Filter Node: Pass through particular resources based on a set of conditions
  4. Action Node: Perform an action on the resources
  5. User Approval Node: Take approval from the required entity before the workflow proceeds
  6. Notification Node: Notify through email or Slack on any action
  7. Report Node: Convert output data into shareable reports
  8. Monitoring Node: Fetch CloudWatch metrics for the resources
  9. Custom Node: Use custom code to define the node
  10. Delay Node: Set a delay during the workflow execution
  11. HTTP Node: Make HTTP calls from the workflow
  12. Jenkins Node: Trigger jobs on Jenkins
  13. Workflow Trigger: Trigger another workflow


Used to enrich the data being fetched by the Resource Node.

For example, when fetching data on EC2 Instances, you can use an add-on for getting data on the attached EBS Volumes.

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