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Here are some of the basic elements or components of TotalCloud workflows you must know before you start creating one:


Workflow is a logical flow of several activities in the form of nodes. The workflows executes certain actions according to the specifications in each node.

Here's a use case example of how a simple workflow executes:

Workflow Editor

Workflow editor is a powerful tool that enables you to create workflows. You can drag and drop each node and enter parameters for certain conditions. Watch this video to get a gist of workflow editors functionalities.


Node is an element of a workflow editor performing certain tasks according to user-defined specifications. Following are the available nodes in the workflow editor:

  1. Trigger: Use this node to initiate a workflow.
  2. Resource: Use this node to pick a set of resources belonging to a particular AWS service.
  3. Filter: Use this node to selectively pick particular resource(s) from Resource node, meeting only certain criteria.
  4. User Approval: Use this node to take an approval from a stakeholder before any action executes in the Action node.
  5. Action: Use this node to perform a specific action on a particular set of resources fetched from previous node.
  6. Notification: Use this node to update your team, peers, or yourself of any executions or actions occurring via a particular workflow.
  7. Reports: Use this node to convert any API data in the form of shareable reports.
  8. Custom: Use this node to execute custom business logic.
  9. Monitoring: Use this node to fetch CloudWatch Metrics of associated resources.

Node Configuration

These are specifications you need to enter in each node according to your requirement. TotalCloud has an extensive set of customization options, which help in fine tuning each workflow according to your requirement.

Here's an example of how Trigger node's configuration window looks like:

To access this configuration window, click on the 'edit' option available for each node in the Workflow Editor.


These are additional features available in the nodes, apart from the basic configurations, which enable the user to change settings on a granular level.


This gives an overview of the total number of executions, and the execution status of success or failure. It also highlights the most recent executions on your account. The list of active workflows displays the workflows that are currently deployed.

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